Fresh, Local, Lettuce, Greens, and Herbs

Year-Round, Fresh, Local Food

We are a family farm located in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Our commercial sized Greenhouse is 24,000 square feet (1/2 Acre). We have 42,000 heads of lettuce growing in different stages of production. We grow and sell lettuce all year long. We pick fresh lettuce everyday. Our lettuce is sold with "roots on" so it will stay fresh longer than field grown lettuce.(2-3 weeks). Our lettuce is grown indoors, in water (hydroponic). This systems has a higher density production, higher yields, more efficient use of energy, lower water consumption, more ecology acceptable disease and insect control. Hydroponic growing methods use no pesticides such as insecticides, or herbicides. Hydroponics allow us to grow crops with less water and fertilizer than field grown crops. Food safety is a top priority at Green View Hydroponics. Being grown indoors reduces the risks that food crops grown in outdoor conditions face such as weather, varmints, and pests.